Bulgari’s Latest Scent Is Totally Unexpected & So Addictive

This chypre floral musk will make you feel like a queen


Bulgari’s latest scent, Goldea, The Roman Night, is exactly the kind of fragrance that you’ll want to spritz on for that night on the town. The seductive chypre floral musk scent, which will instantly transform you into the queen of the night, is the latest addition to the brand’s Goldea collection. And trust us when we say it’s nothing like what you’ll expect of a floral musk.

The inspiration

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the nose behind this creation, was captivated by the idea of a mysterious goddess of the night, in the eternal city of Rome. 

“I created the fragrance in her image. Charismatic, fascinating and seductive, she unleashes her irresistible aura through a golden elixir of white florals, as they exude their powerful scent at nightfall.”

Behind the name

Each Goldea perfume is created for a different side of a woman. Goldea, The Roman Night, is no exception and is a natural evolution of the original Goldea fragrance. In particular, the new scent represents the nocturnal Roman goddess in a woman.

For starters, “dea” is Latin for “goddesses”. And Rome, the city that is an eternal source of inspiration for Bulgari, is a place of romance and adventure. Reflecting the inimitable light of Rome, this fragrance captures the nocturnal beauty of the city’s stars and the grandeur of the city at night. 

What it smells like

If you thought floral musks were cloying, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. This unique version encapsulates joy in its purest form. It is dazzling and bursting with an ultra-sensual core.

The seductive scent opens with sparkling notes of mulberry and black peony that trigger desire and demand celebration. This then leads to the enchanting floral heart of jasmine and tuberose, which accentuates the fruity top notes and adds to the hypnotic character of the fragrance.

The dry-down is an exquisite blend of black musk, patchouli heart and vetiver that echoes the identity of the fragrance. These alluring notes also add feminine strength and charisma. One thing’s for sure: This pleasantly unexpected scent will leave you wanting more at first whiff. 

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