You can now brighten your skin AND treat eczema with this groundbreaking supplement

It's a bona fide win-win, really.


Hello, my name is Eugene Quek and I'm an eczema survivor. 

You may cease clutching your pearls; I'm not a contagious leper, thank you very much. The point is, this chronic condition can be debilitating in the extreme, especially if you're unfortunate enough to have a flare-up on the face. (Thankfully, mine tend to manifest themselves on my limbs.)

Which is why I was ecstatic to discover this skin-saving saviour of a supplement. Enter LumeniX by Singapore-based nutraceutical firm Entity Health, a patented treatment that happily addresses both of my core concerns: Sun-induced brown blemishes and the scarlet splotches of eczema. 

OK, let's circle back a bit. WTH is eczema, anyway? It's an umbrella term for dermatological ailments induced by inflammation, and usually shows up uninvited in the form of flushing, scaly skin and a maddening, tear-your-hair-out desire to scratch the literal flesh off your bones.

The usual course of action involves a careful cocktail of steroids, antibiotics, antihistamines — and a metric-ton of moisturiser. (On particularly bad days, I have to resort to lubing up with pure petroleum jelly. You do feel like a turkey being basted for a roast, TBH.)

So how does LumeniX work? The heroine ingredient is the incredibly potent antioxidant glutathione, which is said to inhibit inflammation and mitigate melanin production for a visibly vibrant visage. 

The mechanism of action is a one-two punch that's pretty easy to grasp: By fending off free radical damage, glutathione gives your skin a fighting chance at strengthening its immune system from within, which in turn works to alleviate autoimmune disorders like (you guessed it) eczema. 

But wait, there's more. This doesn't come in the form of your standard down-the-hatch pill; instead, the ambrosia is absorbed via the mucosal membranes under your tongue. This neat trick bypasses the aggressive acidity of your digestive tract to diffuse all of the goodness directly into your bloodstream. 

What this means IRL: You pop out one of the "wafers" (they're round and look like lozenges, really) and stick 'em under your tongue about 30 minutes before a meal. They dissolve pretty much instantly, which also means newbies need to tread with caution; the wafers are crumbly and can fall apart in your hands if you're not careful. 

In any case, an Entity Health rep recommends imbibing four wafers a day if you're gunning for a glow; with eczema, you can dial it up to six per day. Crucial caveat: This doesn't give you carte blanche to skip sunscreen or your usual unguents! 

Now for the billion-dollar question: Does this even work? It's a yay from me. After a month of religious use (I tend to waffle between four to six wafers per day, depending on how much stress and sun I'm getting), I can honestly say that my complexion is calmer, cooler and more collected. The urge to scratch at my rashes dissipated within about half an hour after my first dose, which I hear is actually a pretty common phenomenon. All things being equal, it also appears that this has reduced residual ruddiness and dislodged a particularly stubborn freckle on my face. Hurrah! 

If you're iffy about ingestibles, speak to your skin doc before giving this a shot. Good luck getting your glow on and your itch off! 

LumeniX retails at $169 for 60 wafers. For more information, head over to

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