10 Of The Best Sun Creams For Dark Skin Tones

White residue who?


Contrary to what you might have heard, sunscreen isn't just for people with pale skin, in fact, everybody should wear sunscreen. Like, all the time. Yup, even at work.

Because, although people with darker skin may not see the visible signs linked with sunburn, being exposed to UV rays can still be damaging. The fact is, you're still susceptible to skin damage from excessive sun exposure, even if you're a melanin queen.

But, despite sunscreen being just as vital for dark skin, not all sun creams are appropriate. Why? Because most sunscreens are made with a formula that is white in colour, which tends to leave a white, chalky cast on your skin. And looking dusty is never cool.

Which is why we've rounded up the best sun creams and sunscreen lotions, that give protection to darker skin tones, minus the grey tinge.

This story first appeared on ELLEUK.com.

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