9 Hydrating Moisturisers For Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

Shine doesn't stand a chance.


A good moisturiser is the key to any beauty routine, but the wrong one can spell disaster for those with oily skin. Too much moisture will clog pores and possibly increase your skin’s oil production, which leads to dreaded breakouts. So to avoid a catastrophic skin event, we went to an expert.

We asked Audrey Kunin, board-certified dermatologist and founder of DERMAdoctor, what we should look for when it comes to moisturisers for oily skin. “Regardless of skin type, your moisturiser label should say it’s non-comedogenic, meaning it will not plug pores or trigger acne,” says Dr. Kunin. “This is especially important if you tend to have oily skin.”

Dr. Kunin notes oily skin types should avoid products bases loaded with silicones or ointments, or balm-like heavy creams which clog pores and increase oil production. She also recommends looking for more from your skincare. Every skincare product you apply should offer additional benefits, not simply hydration. Ahead, we break down the nine best moisturisers on the market for oily skin.

This story first appeared on ELLE.com.

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