Bare It All With SK-II’s Bare Skin Project: Your First Step To True Beauty

A layer of foundation, blush, perfectly drawn eyebrows and bright red lips… this is the type of makeup we consider beautiful in the modern world. But ELLE and SK-II want to talk about a different kind of beautiful: “the bare beauty” through SK-II’s #BareSkinProject.


On 8 Jun, some familiar faces appeared on the ELLE Instagram page looking a little different. To kick off #BareSkinProject, actress Chloe Grace Moretz appeared in a video with a bare face, sharing her thoughts about the project. This was followed by similar posts from actresses Tang Wei, Kasumi Arimura, Chun Xia, Mayu Matsuoka and Ni Ni. Each post garnered thousands of “likes” and positive messages from their fans.

Chloe Grace Moretz received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the pictures she uploaded on Instagram. 

If someone asked you to upload an unedited photo of yourself without any makeup on social media where anyone could see it, would you agree? How about a celebrity who is used to appearing in public looking absolutely perfect? When SK-II first shared with their six muses the idea of #BareSkinProject – doing a photoshoot without any makeup on, with crew from the world-famous photo agency, Magnum Photos – they were quite taken aback by the idea. But after mulling it over, all six bravely stepped up to the challenge, and the result is these beautiful images of the actresses, appearing like they have never been seen before. These may be photographs that reveal their fine lines, dark circles and imperfections, but are also photos where they radiate confidence.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence was the must-have item for all the bare-skinned shots.

Think of the last time you woke up late and headed for work in glasses and no makeup, feeling like an absolute mess. You turned down an invitation for lunch and prayed for 5.30pm to come so that you could go home and hide.

Could your actions be the result of feeling insecure without makeup on?

Tang Wei showing off her most natural self.

Of course, well-applied makeup can make a person look beautiful. But is it impossible to accept that you can look great au naturel, without any makeup on? Honestly, the idea of “natural beauty” is difficult to accept, even for me. I always have a thick layer of base makeup on to cover my pimple scars, and having too many laser treatments has resulted in sensitive skin.

But with all the makeup I did to cover my flaws, I never stopped to think of why I was breaking out – excessive drinking, irregular meals, stress, and hormonal imbalance. What would my complexion, my body, my life be like if I had been more careful about my lifestyle instead of camouflaging the symptoms? Thankfully, I’ve made careful changes to my regime – I’ve found skincare products and beauty treatments that are suitable for my skin, practice yoga daily, and eat healthily. While my pimple scars will never go away, my skin is looking healthier and has regained its elasticity.

 In her interview with ELLE, Chloe Grace Moretz shared, “I’ve built self-confidence by using the most basic skincare products, yoga and meditation. Take care of your mind and body, but it’s most important to accept yourself for who you are. Remember – you don’t have to use makeup or anything else to hide your true self.”

Chun Xia radiated confidence with her bare skin, even under the most glaring spotlight.

Loving yourself is not about hiding behind a colourful façade, it’s about the acceptance of who you are… and this is the first step to true beauty.

Do something for me. Take off your makeup, stand in front of the mirror and take a close look at yourself. Don’t focus on the fine lines, wrinkles or imperfections that you imagine you see. Instead, give yourself a big smile, and start your skincare routine. Research by Japanese neuroscientist Ayako Onzo has found that women produce “positive hormones” when they look in the mirror and make themselves look good through applying skincare products or makeup, which leads to improved self-esteem. This was why #BareSkinProject was birthed. When you look at yourself and see a healthy, happy person in your reflection, you will have the confidence to go “bare”, just as Chloe Grace Moretz, Tang Wei, Kasumi Arimura, Chun Xia, Mayu Matsuoka and Ni Ni have for for SK-II’s #BareSkinProject.

Scratch that. You are beautiful right now, just the way you are. Be fearless, step out and show that beauty to the world. — by contributing editor Choi Hyang Jin

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