How A-Beauty Is Taking Over The K-Beauty Skincare Hype

That's Australian beauty FYI.


When you think of the stereotypical Australian beauty routine, coconut oil, basking in the sun and dry, salty hair are probably the first things that come to mind. And, to be fair, some of that is probably spot on. But, recently there's been a wave of emerging under-the-radar Australian beauty brands changing the game. We're calling it, A-beauty is officially the new K-beauty.

In many ways the pioneers of the natural movement, Australians have long utilised their environmental resources to cultivate their ‘glow’. As clean beauty gains even more traction, (that's non-toxic formulas to you and me), the new guard of Australian brands are gaining much deserved recognition for their pure, unique ingredients and enviably simplistic approach.

'Australia has always been known for its natural, high quality products, so now that non-toxic skincare has become so important and on-trend, it's only natural that Australia has been having a major moment,' says Dr Roebuck's CEO Kim Devin. 'The purity of our environment results in high quality beauty products when made in Australia. For example, we have some of the purest waters in the world, and skincare products are formulated with water.'

'Australia has such a unique fauna and flora which modern science is now helping us discover previously unknown benefits of,' agrees Sand & Sky founder Sarah Hamilton. 'The indigenous plants withstand some of the harshest climates, so it makes sense that they're full of potent ingredients.'

'It's also about attitude,' continues Kim. 'Simplicity, convenience and a bit of quirkiness are what the Aussie girls are all about!' That simplicity also spills into their make-up routines, which tend to be minimal and easy, favouring bare skin over anything else. 'Life for Aussies starts at the beach; enjoying the outdoors is our best secret. We don't like to be stuck in the bathroom for hours. It’s all about enjoying life!'

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