6 Exfoliating Face Wipes For Clearer, Cleaner Skin

One swipe will do it all


Who hasn’t taken advantage of the convenience of a facial wipe, especially when you come home late and are too tired/drunk to cleanse your face the good ol’ fashioned way, with cotton pads, cleansing milk or micellar water and facial wash

Yep, no matter how diligent and particular you are about a proper cleansing routine, life sometimes gets in the way. And let’s face it - there’s always a certain amount of guilt when you resort to facial-wiping your day away.

Enter these six facial wipes that take skin cleansing to a whole new level. They all have an added exfoliating benefit that give skin a manual scrub while removing dirt, debris and makeup. Genius, not to mention they make you feel just a bit better that you’ve been (somewhat) thorough with your cleansing.

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