Should You Be Tweezing Your Own Brows?

Hold those tweezers! This is what you need to know first


So you’re in between eyebrow appointments and you spot a few stray strands - what should you do? In case of a real beauty emergency (like a hot Tinder date), Benefit Cosmetic’s global brow expert Jared Bailey says it’s okay to tweeze a few strays on your own...if you stay away from the “no-zone”.

“This is anywhere that gets close to the dense areas of the eyebrow where tweezing will alter or affect the shape of the brow,” says Bailey.

“Stray hairs that are below – on the eyelid or in between – those can go in the case of a real beauty emergency. But always leave precision work to the pros and don’t enter the no-zone.”

Hair grows in a cycle and for most people, four to six weeks is the ideal frequency to go to an expert to get your brows shaped.

In the meantime, keep brows looking salon-fresh by taming them with a gel-based product. 

“Groom with a product like Benefit’s Gimme Brow. The unique formula has micro-fibres that mimic the look of real hair, and can fill in brows and put unruly hairs back in their place at the same time,” says Bailey.

“Following up with the Benefit High Brow Glow (a brow highlighter) will give your brows a perky lift for a freshly waxed look.”

Photo: Imaxtree

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