Self-Foaming Cleansers Are The Best Way To Wash Your Face

And it's not just about saving time and effort


There's nothing like washing your face with a little (or a lot) of satisfyingly foamy lather. But when it comes to facial washes, not all of them are made equal.

Perhaps the most common type of foaming facial wash is the kind that comes in a tube. When you first squeeze it out it is in a cream or gel form and you just need to add a little water and it lathers up. 

But beware this kind of facial wash, if you do not lather it up properly before you apply it to your face, it can be too harsh on your skin. This is because the cream-to-foam transformation often involves a chemical reaction that can dry out and irritate delicate facial skin. 

You can buy a foam puff made specially to lather up soaps or just spend more time to really lather up your face wash in your hands before it goes onto your face, or simply take the easy route with these 10 self-foaming facial washes.

Their handy nozzles dispense rich, fluffy foam, ready to go directly onto your face.

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