One Thing Eyebrow Therapists Wish You Would Tell Them

Not doing this could lead to second degree burns


If you’ve gone for eyebrow waxing sessions, chances are you’ve been asked to sign a form before the treatment. This basically is to declare the type of products you are using, what type of medication you are on, and the facial treatments that you have recently done.

Brow experts like Benefit require customers to declare if they have used or done the following: Retin A, retinol, antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, Accutane, and laser or phenol peels.

“These products and procedures may affect the waxing process as they may cause skin to be more sensitive and fragile than usual,” explains brow expert of Benefit Cosmetics Singapore, Laura Luo. “I wish some customers would tell me the truth about using these products or getting these procedures done.”

“Facial waxing is a form of exfoliation — so is retinods. When skin is in a fragile state, choosing to go ahead with eyebrow waxing can result in serious abrasions and the worst case scenario — a second degree burn,” says Laura. Ouch!

The truth can save you the hassle and pain, so don’t try to fool your brow therapist. When it doubt, consult your therapist who will be able to advise if your skin is in the right condition to undergo brow waxing. “There’s other options, such as tweezing, to achieve a perfect arch,” says Laura. So the next time you sign of on one of those pre-treatment declaration forms, know it’s all for good reason.

If you are thinking about getting your eyebrows waxed, follow these two simple rules:

#1 Wait

If you have sunburnt skin or just gotten a peel, wait before getting your eyebrows waxed. One week for sunburnt skin, and up to a month for an intensive facial peel.

#2 Avoid

To let skin heal post wax, it’s best to avoid exfoliating skin, UV treatments and swimming for two to three days.

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Photo: Imaxtree

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