18 Awesome Manicure Ideas For Chinese New Year

The most chic and fun ways to wear red on your nails this Chinese New Year.


It’s no surprise that everyone’s nails will be dressed in lucky red and gold hues this Chinese New Year. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring or gaudy.

To help you get creative, here are 18 of our favourite CNY-appropriate nail-art ideas that you can show your manicurist. Some bring on the bling, some feature intricate designs and others are easy enough to DIY too. Get ready to screen-grab your picks before your next trip to the nail salon.

Scroll down below for some major nail inspiration:

A moon and a tip for @lynettesaid @fantasy.nyc @nextcenturyc21

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Pink and red candy stripes available @fantasy.nyc @nextcenturyc21

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Rectangle gradient 📊w/ @sally_hansen #miraclegel

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Just in time for Thanksgiving, try our sophisticated and effortless Cozy Night In mani.

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