Meet The Mascara Wand That Looks Like A Torture Device

But works like a dream


We’ve seen our fair share of strange beauty products, but this insane mascara wand definitely takes the cake for the weirdest we’ve seen in a while.

US-based beauty label Hourglass Cosmetics has released the Curator Lash Instrument, a bristle- and brush-free lash tool. At first glance, we were taken aback. Number one, it looks like a medieval torture device, and number two, we’re meant to stick it near our eye?!

But after some research and closer inspection, this is a pretty smart beauty innovation.

We know we’re not the only ones who often have trouble with large, thick mascara wands that pick up way too much product, resulting in clumps of goop on our lashes, or get mascara all over our lids during application.

The Curator Lash Instrument, on the other hand, has a thin, screw-like stainless steel wand that's reminiscent of the first automatic (or tube) mascara, the Mascara-Matic, made by skincare and makeup legend Helena Rubinstein. It evenly coats each and every lash, from base to tip, with primer or mascara without clumps or mess.

You can also easily use it both horizontally and vertically to separate every lash for naturally defined lashes.

What we love most about this is how hygienic it is. Regular mascaras are hard to clean and have to be thrown out every three months to prevent irritation from bacteria build up. The sleek steel wand on the Curator Lash Instrument can be easily wiped down and sanitised, and since it’s a separate tool on its own, will reduce the chances of bacteria transferring from your mascara to your eyes and vice versa.

It’s designed to be specifically used with its sister products, the Curator Ascent Extended Wear Lash Primer and Curator Realist Defining Mascara Formula, but honestly, we think this could probably be used with any lash product in your arsenal.

Shop the Curator Lash Instrument (US$78, approx. S$104.87), Curator Ascent Extended Wear Lash Primer (US$38, approx. S$51.09), and Curator Realist Defining Mascara Formula (US$36, approx. S$48.40) here.

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