This new eyebrow trend is fantastic for "lazy" girls

The bush is back, baby.


Newsflash: The brow boom is blooming unabated, with cosmetics counters positively packed with a plethora of pomades and powders for tinting and tweaking your way to an alluring arch.

As for the shape du jour, eyebrow experts are endorsing exuberantly thick and textured tufts — think the follicles framing the pretty peepers of Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie and yes, the OG of bushy-browed belles Cara Delevingne herself.

This low-maintenance lushness is actually embarrassingly easy to execute. Compared with the ruler-like rigidity of yesteryear’s straight and stubby Insta-brow, the core concept of today’s textured trend is to work with what you have. 

You’re essentially endeavouring to emphasise the depth and dimension of your real roots without forcing them to fit a specific silhouette per se. The endgame is to elevate and enhance all sorts and stripes. Consider this follicular fad an empowering and egalitarian eyebrow for the people!

"Brows may come in pairs — but they’re sisters, not twins."

Fill In The Blanks

Ready to ramp up your grooming game? Here’s the primary principle to adhere to, according to makeup maestro Larry Yeo: Steer clear of “hot-stamping” a blocky band across the entire brow, as the flatness will render your facial features strangely stilted in an almost marionette-like manner. (We’re giving you the side-eye, Bert from Sesame Street.)  

Instead, bestow a believable boost to your brows by feathering them in with a pencil boasting a precision-engineered tip. Be sure to swipe in swift strokes at the inner and outer ends, where the baby hairs tend to be finer and fainter. Switch to a spoolie to buff and blend into the “meatier” mid-section of the brow so that there’s no discernable demarcation between the two types of hair. 

The final flourish is a brisk brush-through with a glossy gel to separate and suffuse the strands with a subtle sheen. This ingenious interplay between light and dark makes for a multidimensional and infinitely more authentic appearance. 

Oh yeah, one more thing about the textured trend. Don’t be consumed by the compulsion to have both sides to square up just so; nothing in existence can ever be entirely even. 

Remember, brows may come in pairs — but they’re sisters, not twins. So keep them full and free, as there’s a lot to be said about finding beauty in your perfect little imperfections. Bert would knit his brows in approval!

The Golden Arches

Eye-conic essentials for shapelier strands. 

LANEIGE Eyebrow Cushion-cara in No.3 Two Tone Brick, $36. Mix and match the complementary colours in this cushion for bespoke brows you can call your own.

NATASHA DENONA Eyebrow Shadow Palette, $72. Swirl together the spectrum of smudge-resistant shades for a hyper-realistic hue.

BENEFIT COSMETICS 3D BrowTones in Deep Blue, $42. A transformative tinted topcoat with the bonus of being buildable and budge-proof to boot.

SHU UEMURA Brow:Comb, $47. Thin teeth at the tip catch and coat each cuticle with a perfect pop of pigment for a flattering fanned-out effect.

REALLYYY!? Eyebrow Extension, $27.90. Finespun fibres function like falsie-like “fillers” to hug the hairs you’ve got and shadow in sparse spots. 

KAT VON D BEAUTY Brow Struck Dimension Powder in Medium Brown, $31. A satiny shimmer in this primer-and-powder pot lends a lustre that’s reflective of real hairs.

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