This Korean-Inspired Makeup Routine Will Give You Instantly Bigger And Brighter Eyes

Because your lashes can ALWAYS be longer, thicker and sexier.


That frankly ridiculous 12-step Korean evening skincare regimen? Well, guess what: It’s infiltrated the erstwhile neglected side-show of “lash care” too.

Beauty brands the world over have taken to the more-is-more approach with much verve and vigour – all the better to ply us with prettifying potions we never knew we needed – and the result is a three-step process that has pretty obvious parallels to makeup and manicures.

Hey, don’t click away just yet. Hear me out. Layering is the way to go if you’re serious about thwarting the loss of your lashes. Mixing different products is a favourite trick of backstage pros, and it isn’t all that complicated, either. Have a go at this tried-and-tested Korean-inspired mascara routine:

1. Optimus Prime

Estée Lauder Little Black Primer, $40

Investing in a dedicated eyelash primer may seem like overkill for penny-pinching types, but it’s really not all that different from coughing up cash for conditioner to go with your shampoo.

Not convinced? Here’s an entirely welcome beauty extra: Most primers double up just fine as brow-taming gels, especially if they contain lock-loving ingredients like keratin or glycerin that are said to cushion your lashes from the crimping and curling we subject them to.

2. Lady in black


Laneige String Longlash Mascara, $34

The “meat” of your mascara sandwich, this step should be the most familiar out of the three – but you’re in for quite some surprises yet.

Now for a geeky aside on mascara wipers, which refer to the rubbery bands encircling the opening of the tubes. The wiper is quite literally the gatekeeper of your product: As you whip the wand out of its sheath, the width of the wiper determines precisely how much product gets deposited onto the bristles, as opposed to being forced back down into the tube.

Too narrow a wiper and you’ll be left high and dry with undercoated bristles; too loose a wiper and you’ll end up with globs of formula that’ll clump up your lashes.

Tl;dr version: Gun for the new offerings on the market that boast finely calibrated wipers to dispense just the right amount of product while keeping desiccating air out of the tube. Translation? A formula that stays fresher and “wetter” for longer. (Crucial caveat: Always stick to the “best-by” date to well, avoid going blind, for one.)

3. It’s a long way to the top

Clarins Double Fix Mascara, $40

Mascara topcoats work in much the same way as their cuticle counterparts in sealing in shine and staving off the ravages of sweat and sebum; some are even billed as “replenishers” that loosen up clumps for on-the-go re-application anytime, anywhere.

The result of religiously following this three-step regime? Let’s just say I had to switch to contacts because the lenses of my spectacles kept getting smudged by my now-generously girthed lashes – a most pleasant inconvenience, if you ask me.

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