The Most Mindboggling Beauty Looks From Zoe Tay (Who Turns 50 This Year!)

The supreme sovereign of Stars Avenue is looking pretty darn good for someone half-a-century old.


Full disclosure: Yours truly is a full-blown Fann-atic — but hey, if my luminous leading lady can kiss and make up with her erstwhile competitor-slash-colleague, surely I can as well. 

Not that I have anything against our birthday belle, mind you. As I edge ever closer to dilapidation and decay, I've come to (grudgingly) admire the poise and polish of Zoe, not to mention her very tastefully maintained mien — no trout pout or inflated implants in her cheeks, as far as I can tell. 

In any case, I'll stop with the snarky #shade and get straight to it: Zoe is fifty and looking frickin' fabulous. Scroll through "for the receipts", as the young'uns would say — and to Ah Jie, 生日快乐! 

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