Supermodel Secrets To Bigger And Brighter Eyes Like Fei Fei Sun

Want 'em bigger and perkier? Take a leaf from the makeup playbook of our newly minted Lauder lady.


Three cheers for inclusivity! I’ve been feting Fei Fei the whole of this weekend by stalking her social media – because ICYMI, the cool Chinese clotheshorse has just been tapped as the fresh face of Estée Lauder.

What struck me from scrolling through the images on her feed is her tendency to light up the inner corners of her eyes with a sexy shot of shine.

If you secretly love to pile on the paint but are afraid of looking “wayang”, this look is the #HolyGrail for you. It’s basically tailor-made for the lazy girl; that is, it’s makeup magic that’s maximum impact with minimal effort.

Want bigger and brighter baby blues à la our Lauder luminary du jour? You know the drill: Click through the gallery slides for all the eye-opening supermodel secrets you need to know for peepers that are perfectly on point for the party season fast approaching on the horizon.

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