Huat Your Way To A Lucky Lunar New Year With These Long-Lasting Lippies

Go on, treat yourself to a tube or three. Because hey, "orange" you glad it's a short work week ahead?


Billion-dollar beauty quandary: What shade of lippie should you be swiping onto your smackers? 

Now, red is reliably rad on most occasions (and will pair perfectly with the scarlet soles of your nifty new Loubies), but for my moolah's worth, try living a little and switching things by making it matte (for "longevity" in all senses of the word) and by making it mandarin (orange, that is). 

Think about it: What could be more prosperous than matching your mouth to the tangerine tint of the flashy fruit you'll be trading with your folks this week, amiright? (PC aside: This is assuming, of course, that you'll be feting the Year of the Dog; if you're not, well, a public holiday is as good an excuse as any to bust your beauty budget).

So have fun adding these beguiling bullets in the "huat-est" hue to your arsenal, and happy lunar new year in advance. *insert smoochy-face emoji here*

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