The lazy-girl cheatsheet to washing your makeup brushes and sponges

Fast and fuss-free fixes to a perennial problem — (virtually) no elbow grease required on your end.


Here's the deal: Ain't nobody has time for a tedious disinfection devoted to your tools of the trade — especially not at the end of an exhausting workday.

And yet, it behooves me to stress the importance of debriding your brushes and sponges of dirt and debris on the daily, on account of 1. getting pink-eye or worse from reintroducing particles of pollution into your peepers and 2. muddying up the true tint of whatever shade you're slapping onto your lids or lips the following day. 

The solution: Spray your pain away with a specialised brush cleanser; Sephora Collection and Make Up For Ever offer more-than-decent options amped up with alcohol-free antibacterial agents that cut through industrial-strength warpaint without stripping bristles of natural emollients necessary for a gorgeous glide. 

These no-rinse remedies are an absolute no-brainer to use, too: Simply spritz directly onto the hairs, twiddle your thumbs for a second or two to allow the detergent to work its magic, then spread out your implements on paper towels to air dry. 

(Don't stash them in a jar until they're absolutely bone-dry; you don't want moisture to dribble down the handle and affect the adhesives at the ferrule, AKA the metal bit conjoining your bristles to the brush proper.)

And as for your sponges, I recommend investing in a dedicated makeup cleanser (although a mild micellar water will do swimmingly well in a pinch). Saturate your sponge in the soapy solution, then squeeze under a running tap to expel excess. 

Bonus hack for the "kiasu": Once a week, chuck your sponges into a bowl of said solution, then subject it to about 20 seconds or less in your microwave oven. This should get rid of any lingering germs and grime sequestered away in the centre of your puff. Y'know what they say: Cleanliness is next to gorgeousness. Good luck!

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