Makeup You Can Make At Home

Cook up your own beauty label in the comfort of your kitchen


Long before big makeup and skincare brands came to be, women used natural sources to accentuate their features, from defining brows with soot, to creating vibrant lipsticks with clay. If you want a makeup bag filled with your very own homespun beauty products, or just want a fun DIY project, here are five makeup recipes you can whip up at home.

P.s. Before applying these on your face, be sure to test it out on your hand first — as you should with regular store-bought makeup too — to check if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients.

P.p.s. Because there are no preservatives in these, the makeup will go bad, especially in our weather. Throw them out if you smell something funky, or if you see fuzzy things growing out of them. Keeping them refrigerated expands their lifespan, but still do not keep these for more than two weeks.

1. Chocolate bronzer

Cocoa is one of the most widely-used natural ingredients in makeup. You see it in Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, and even in Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar eyeshadows. To make your own bronzing powder, all you need is some cocoa powder and baby powder. Mix the two together until there are no lumps and you’ve got your ticket to sun-kissed skin. The cocoa powder acts as the shadow shade, so add less or more according to how light or dark you want your bronzer.

2. Strawberry tinted lip balm 

Another wonderful two-ingredient recipe! Get some strawberries and mash them to extract the juice, then mix the juice up with three to four tablespoons of coconut oil (the thick lard-y sort, not the liquid ones). Coconut oil will deeply hydrate your lips, while strawberry juice adds a rosy tint and a wonderfully sweet strawberry scent. For a deeper pink shade, just add more strawberry juice.

3. Homemade Naked palette 

Yes, you can create your own version of Urban Decay’s cult favourite eyeshadow palette at home — albeit with a smaller variety of shades. Combine half a teaspoon of cornstarch or tapioca powder with any of these ingredients: Ground up charcoal pills, cocoa powder, turmeric powder, nutmeg, and beetroot powder. Charcoal pills make black, cocoa powder creates brown, turmeric and nutmeg produce a yellow-gold, while beetroot powder lends a touch of warm pink or red. Have fun and try different combinations of ingredients to create new colours. 

4. Blush 

For a naturally pink blush, you need two tablespoons of beetroot powder — you can buy these at organic food stores, or make them yourself — a tablespoon of cornstarch or tapioca flour, and shimmer in the form of nutmeg or ginger powder. Mix the dry ingredients well, then add a few drops of essential oil to help the blush stay on your skin. Besides the essential oil, making sure your powders are very very fine aids in its staying power too.

5. DIY Nail polish 

Alright, fine, you’ll be using store bought beauty products for this, but how cool is it to custom-make your own nail polish shade? For this, pick an eyeshadow in your preferred colour, crush it to make the powder extra fine (just pour it into a plastic bag and run a rolling pin on top of it), and add the pigment to clear nail polish. Add glitter as desired, and you’ve got your very own nail polish, created by you, for you.

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