Look We Love: Jennifer Lawrence’s Tousled Waves

The actress’ hair game is strong and we want her effortless curls now


We’ve gotten used to seeing Jennifer Lawrence with shorter hair — remember the pixie crop she got back in 2013? But now the Hunger Games starlet is rocking sexy, tousled waves that make us want to pick up a curling iron, stat.

Photos: TPG/Clickphotos

Part of the allure of the laidback hairstyle is that you look like you’ve just returned from a beach holiday and it’s a look where frizz actually seems appropriate.

Get her look in three easy ways:

1. If you have wavy hair, simply spritz some texturising salt spray onto damp strands to add texture and let air dry.

2. If you have naturally straight hair that won’t hold a curl, rope your hair into loose two-section braids before going in with a blow dryer before loosening strands. Or you can fasten the braids with hair ties and sleep in them after blast drying your roots (Note: Bacteria can breed when you leave your scalp damp for too long or overnight, so it’s important to ensure that your hair roots are completely dry before going to bed). Untie the next day and run your fingers through to loosen the curls.

3. Alternatively, add some texturising salt spray onto damp strands and wait until hair is dry before using a large barrel hair curler. For that effortless look, wrap sections in different directions and leave the ends straight.

Of course, if all else fails, you can always save these pictures for your next trip to the hair salon.

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