Lipstick Lovers, This Subscription Service Was Made For You

It will give you more reasons to get out of your beauty comfort zone


It’s easy to get stuck in the same old routines and few looks when it comes to makeup. Even for the makeup lovers here at Team ELLE, it’s hard to find the time or energy to really experiment with a new look every single day.

Now, however, we might have found the perfect incentive to switch our makeup routines up every now and then. 

Enter ColorMeHappy, a new local lip care subscription service. With it, you can receive one, two or three new lip products from the beauty brand every month, delivered straight to your door. 

The lippies are all formulated using Korean beauty ingredients and technology, and like most K-beauty products, they are all quite out-of-the-box. Expect not-your-usual lipsticks like those from the XPrecision Lips line, made with Light-Diffuse technology that helps to hide cracks and imperfections for a smooth shine, and the Lip Bronzer in a deep metallic hue that’s as pretty as it sounds. 

The beauty brand doesn’t just offer lip colours either. You might also find lip treatment products like the Lip Night Repair Oil or Softening Mask that treat and prep your lips in your monthly lip package.

Changing up your lip colour is the easiest way to transform your look, and getting three new products every month is definitely reason enough to try something new every day. As Louisa Chng, co-founder of ColorMeHappy puts it, “You only live once, so why not indulge yourself with lots of gorgeous lip products!”

Preach, girl, preach.

Sign up for ColorMeHappy subscription (from $12.99 for the Happy Package to $30.99 for the Perfect Bliss Package) here.

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