John Mayer Is The Beauty Guru You Never Knew You Needed

The singer is delivering beauty tips and laughs to your screen


Of all the celebs in the world that we think could make it as beauty gurus, one of the last people that would even cross our minds would be John Mayer. 

Well, turns out the musician is set to prove us wrong. 

In a hilarious string of Snapchat videos, Mayer takes us through his bedtime skincare routine — or as he calls it, his night moisturising routine, because what self-respecting beauty guru would only use one moisturiser?

He shares his fave products, which include a Proactiv cleanser and a range of products by Barcelona skincare label Natura Bissé. Generous Mayer also divulges plenty of his personal beauty tricks and tips. 

One major secret is D.A.T., or the Direct Application Technique, where Mayer pumps moisturiser directly onto his skin instead of his palms first, because doing the latter will “get a lot of lotion stuck in the crease of the fingers and that’s expensive.” Smart and thrifty, we like. 

Mayer also drops loads of controversial comments, like how eye cream is just “better facial moisturiser, but more expensive and in smaller bottles”. He then proceeds to pump the product everywhere else except around his eyes.

So forget everything you thought you knew about beauty, because Mayer’s way is the right way. Watch the full Snapchat series below!

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