Behind The Brand: Meet The Founder Of Luxe Botanics

This award-winning home-grown brand offers botanicals-infused skincare products


In the Behind The Brand series, we speak to the founders of four home-grown brands that are changing the beauty game with cleaner (and better products).

Meet Jene Roestorf, 34, the founder of home-grown brand Luxe Botanics.

Drawing on the philosophy of allowing nature to nurture, Luxe Botanics seeks to inculcate wellness as part of the beauty ritual with its botanicals-infused tinctures.

Jene, who was born in South Africa, studied biotechnology and worked for a decade in laboratories and pharmaceutical MNCs across Australia and Singapore. In 2016, she launched Luxe Botanics because “I wanted to create skincare that uses organic-certified and wild-harvested ingredients.”

A fair-trade enterprise, it partners with Buy1Give1, a social enterprise and non-profit organisation, to give back to local communities in Africa.

Here’s what to try:

Luxe Botanics Camu Brightening Serum, $125.

Packed with anti-inflammatory superfood camu camu, along with plenty of vitamins and minerals, this targets sun damage such as dark spots and hyperpigmentation to restore glow.

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