This Form Of Chocolate Is Better Than Sex

Yes, it’s THAT good


Like many in the dessert-goes-in-a-different-stomach sisterhood, I love eating chocolate. But when it comes to chocolate in non-edible products like chocolate soap and chocolate-infused skincare, you can count me out. After all, what’s the point in chocolate if you’re not tasting it?

Or so I thought, until I came across a new chocolate-themed spa treat by Westin’s Heavenly Spa.

Dubbed the Christmas Chocolov treatment, this 90-minute session begins with a 30-minute full body scrub using an antioxidant-rich cocoa formula that sloughs away every bit of rough dead skin. After I (reluctantly) washed off the scrub in the en-suite shower, my skin felt supple and silky smooth.

Next, I succumbed to a decadent hour-long full body massage, starring massage oil blended with cocoa so that it smelt warm and deliciously nutty.

The therapist’s hands worked magic and relieved every knot and tensed muscle, leaving me in a state of total chocolatey bliss...sans the guilt.

Maybe some things are better than a bar of chocolate, after all.

The Heavenly Spa By Westin Christmas Chocolov treatment is $230 for 90 minutes. At Level 35, The Westin Singapore, tel: 6922-6977.

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