If You Really Need To Gym With Makeup On, Here’s What To Wear

We know - sometimes it’s just unavoidable


It’s hard enough fitting exercise into the busy schedules of the 21st century, much less have time to slap some makeup on to make yourself presentable again if you have to head back to the office after the gym.

So it’s no surprise that as much as the experts have warned against it, more than a few of us have guiltily stuck to keeping our makeup on while snatching a quick workout during lunch. 

Of course, you know that working out with makeup prevents perspiration from being excreted from the skin’s surface, which in turn may cause sebum build-up and clogged pores.

But what you should also know is this: There is a way to minimise your chance of getting a breakout.

According to Estetica Beauty director Karen Lam, the trick is to keep your makeup light and leave the Kim K smoky eye look for another day.


For breathable coverage, she recommends oil-free, non-comedogenic products - think tinted moisturisers or mineral make-up with anti-bacterial properties.

Bases are a good bet, too, some of which have collagen and ceramide to keep your skin hydrated and evenly toned. Tip: Apply a light layer to prevent streaking.

You can also add a slick of waterproof mascara, eyeliner or a smudge-proof lip stain, all of which will hold well during a workout.

But skip the blusher – “it's unnecessary to apply cheek colour as exercise provides a natural flush,” says Ms Lam.

That said, don’t even think about not cleansing your face before you hit the sack. Try a gentle face wash or facial cleansing wipes before following up with your usual routine. Your skin will thank you for it. 

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