“I Try To Stay Away From Makeup As Much As Possible”

And other surprising beauty secrets from K-actress Stephanie Lee


We can’t seem to get enough of what beauty products Koreans are using these days because let’s face it, they all seem to have amazing skin. And when we saw the dewy-fresh face of model-turned-actress Stephanie Lee, we just had to ask “what are you using?”

You’ll probably recognise Stephanie from K-dramas such as Yong Pal or Seonam Girls High School Investigators. But what you might not know is that the 21-year-old Boston-born beauty has walked the runways of Chanel, Tom Ford and Stella McCartney as a model. To add to her growing resume, she’s now the face of beauty brand Neutrogena’s Deep Clean range.

Here, she shares her beauty tips and tricks for healthy skin.

Every morning I: Drink two cups of hot water – it warms my body and wakes me up all relaxed.

Before bed I: Take a shower to wash off everything that has been on my skin the entire day; especially my face that has been in contact with sunlight and dust.

Beauty trick: Avoid direct contact with air-conditioning.

To keep skin healthy: Drink lots of water!!! This is VERY important.

My morning skincare routine: I wash my face with just water before applying skincare and the Neutrogena lip balm and sunscreen. I try to stay away from makeup as much as possible.

My night time skincare routine: At night, I use the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil-to-Foam (a single product that double-cleanses skin) for cleansing, even if I’m not wearing makeup. I don’t like to use too many cleansing products as they can irritate my skin. And I have dry skin with an oily T-zone, so it’s important to moisturise and cleanse skin well. After cleansing, I apply my skincare and the Neutrogena lip balm.

My hair care routine: The most important thing for my hair care is the scent and my hair always needs to be clean and fresh. I use the Aveeno Nourish+Moisturise Shampoo & Condition Leave-In Treatment. Rather than using a conditioner, I use the hair treatment. It’s not good to use anything that’s too rich for your hair, but there should always be enough moisture.

Favourite workout: Taekwondo.

Favourite place to get a beauty treatment: I go to the dermatologist once every two weeks and also enjoy a regular facial massage.

Favourite fragrance: I change my perfume on a daily basis. My all-time favourite is one from Frederic Malle.

Photos: @stephanielee199 via Instagram

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