I Got My Eyeliner Tattooed On

And now I won't need to apply eyeliner again for years


I don't know about you but I struggle to get my eyeliner right every single day.  So when I got the chance to try BROWHAUS Big Eye Eye Define, a semi-permanent tattooed on eyeliner that can for last three to five years, I was up for it.

Yes, the treatment requires a huge dose of bravery and a moderate pain threshold... I mean, we're talking about a tattoo needle applied to your eyes here, right? I mustered up my courage and as I was told that only vegetable dyes that are totally safe for the procedure would be used, I felt less apprehensive.

After I removed my contact lenses, the therapist used a regular eyeliner pencil to draw on my eyeliner to show me how the tattoo would look like. We settled on a subtle line that defined my eyes without looking too dramatic, and when I was happy with the look, the eyeliner was removed and a local numbing cream was applied and left on for 15 minutes for it to take effect.

Next came the scary part. I had my eyes tightly closed because that was what I was instructed to do, but I pretty much knew what was going on. She was tattooing on the eyeliner with a handheld tattooing device.

It buzzed softly as the sharp point was applied to my upper and lower lash lines and the sensation ranged from a light vibration to a sharp sting, depending on which part of my lash line was being tattooed. Apparently some spots are more sensitive than others and this also ranges from person to person.

The stinging pain was hard to bear at certain points and I had to ask the therapist to stop for a minute about four times during the treatment. The entire tattooing process took about 20 minutes for each eye and when it was over, I was surprised that the eyeliner turned out even and straight although I blinked and teared uncontrollably throughout the treatment.

After resting my eyes for a couple more minutes I was even able to put my contact lenses back on and head out for dinner. My eyes felt a little swollen for a day after the treatment though.

I was told not to apply any eye makeup and avoid water and makeup removers on my eye area for a week so that the eyeliner doesn't fade. I was also given an aftercare kit with a lotion and cream to apply along my lash line with a Q-tip daily.

After a week, my semi-permanent eyeliner looked perfect. Of course, because it is a subtle line, I have to apply additional eyeliner if I want a more dramatic look like winged eyeliner. But on most days, I'm happy to skip eyeliner and still have the look of defined eyes.

A close-up look at my tattooed on eyeliner.  :)

BROWHAUS Big Eye Eye Define, from $856 for the upper eyeliner, and first time customers to Browhaus enjoy a special price of $450 until 31 August 2016. Available at all Browhaus outlets.

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