How To Pick The Right Shade Of Blusher For You

It’s all dependent on your skin tone


With brows, contour and highlight getting all the focus, even we have to admit that blush is an oft-overlooked step in our makeup routines. 

However, there’s a good reason why we should jump back on the blush bandwagon — a touch of colour on the cheeks can instantly make you look healthier and fresher. 

What’s crucial is finding the right shades of blush for your skin tone. Pick the wrong colour and you risk looking ruddy, or worse, clownish. Not sure where to start? Keep reading to find out what you should be picking up!

Fair, porcelain skin

If you have fair skin, sheer, light colours are the way to go. Don’t be afraid to pick up that baby pink or light apricot blusher — they’ll add a beautiful, wind-bitten flush to your face. One thing to take note of: Opt for a formula that’s easy to blend out to avoid ending up with dark patches of colour.

Try: Shu Uemura Kye Collection Fresh Cushion Blush in Hibiscus Pink, $48, Etude House Play 101 Stick in 15, $17.90, and Benefit Cosmetics Posie Tint Cheek & Lip Stain, $54

Medium to olive skin

Play up the warmth of your skin with dark pink, amber, coral or mauve blushers with yellow or orange undertones. If you’ve got more tanned skin, your bronzer can also double up as a blush for a natural finish.

Try: Sephora Collection Shimmering Bronzing Powder in Seychel, $30, The Balm FratBoy, $30.90, and Too Faced Love Flush in How Deep Is Your Love?, $40.

Dark skin

You lucky ladies can try the boldest of blush hues. Highly-pigmented and rich shades in raisin, terra-cotta and even bright orange-reds flatter dark skin tones best. Be sure to avoid candy or pastel pinks as those colours will make you look washed-out.

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