How To Perfectly Cover Dark Circles

Even you might forget they’re there


The curse of dark circles might just be the worst beauty woe of them all - more often than not, it seems like no amount of concealer can cover them completely.

Or is that truly the case? What you need, particularly if you’ve got a bad case of panda eyes, is heavy-duty, made-specially-for-dark-circles stuff. 

The right concealers also have to be lightweight so they don’t crease during wear and emphasise fine lines under the eyes. And the colour corrective pigments have to be just the right tone to counter those dark rings. Not to mention they should contain light-reflective particles, which subtly manipulate light and brighten the offending area.

Sounds like a lot to look out for? Don’t worry, we’ve done the legwork for you. Here are our picks of the top eight under-eye concealers available that should fix your dark circles - like you expect them to!

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