How To Get Two Beauty Products For The Price Of One

It’s all about being innovative


There are plenty of multipurpose makeup on the market, like Benefit’s iconic Benetint, and Nars’ The Multiple. While those are great, you don’t always have to run out to buy a multi-purpose product. 

Many of the beauty products in your collection now can be used in different ways it wasn’t specifically made for. Keep reading to find out how to pull double-duty with your makeup, and save some dollars on the way.

1. Mascara as eyeliner

Need a long-lasting, sweat-proof eyeliner but don’t have one on hand? Just grab some mascara on a thin eyeliner brush, and apply it like you would your regular eyeliner.

2. Lip balm as brow gel

We were surprised with this hack too. If your brows are looking less fleek-y halfway through the day and you don’t have a brow gel with you, apply lip balm on your brows with an angled-brush, your finger or a cotton bud to smoothen out and add more definition to your hairs. 

3. Blush as eyeshadow

While they may have different levels of pigmentation and formulations, blush and eyeshadow are basically the same thing — coloured powder. Therefore, in a pinch, blushers make for the perfect replacement for eyeshadow to add subtle shine and colour to your lids.

4. Eyeshadow as nail polish

Ever wanted to match your eye makeup to your manicure? No matter your answer, you can now do that. Just scrape off a pinch or two of your eyeshadow onto a piece of aluminium foil (or any clean, flat surface), and mix in a little clear varnish. This trick works with blusher too.

5. Red lipstick as under-eye colour-corrector

Yes, we want you to apply your lippie under your eyes — and not just for Halloween. If you’ve got really bad dark eye circles, apply a thin layer of red lipstick before applying your concealer. The red tint cancels out the blue and purple undertones of dark eye circles.

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