A Minute Of This A Day Will Banish Your Dark Circles For Good

Psst - it’s got nothing to do with concealer


You know that old saying, “don’t sweep your problems under the rug”? Well, whaddya know - it also applies to your dark eye circles!

Of course, the “rug” in this case is concealer. And while you no doubt have an arsenal of creams, sticks and serums at the ready to hide those panda eyes, wouldn’t you rather use the time you spend on trying to mask them sleeping?

The good news is, you just need to do one simple thing: Jumpstart your circulation.

After all, it’s poor circulation that’s to be blamed for those unsightly blackish-purple rings. To kickstart circulation,make it a habit to gently massage on your eye care products. Just a minute or two each time will help - and what’s more, no special technique is necessary.

Just pick an eye cream or serum and dot it around the eyes. Then, using the tips of your ring fingers, gently smooth it on in a press and glide motion.

An eye massage tool might help, too. Try Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager ($139) or SK-II Stempower Eye Cream ($174) which comes with a magnetic wand applicator.

Complement your daily eye massage with a couple of good lifestyle habits (like getting more beauty sleep and eating antioxidant-rich foods or supplements) and you’ll be on your way to dark-circle-free peepers. Hello, bright eyes!

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