How SQ Girls Style Their Hair

The secrets behind the iconic SQ bouffant


The SQ stewardess' hairstyle is almost as iconic as her kebaya-style uniform. The neatly coiffed bouffant updo is really an acquired skill.

It is also an unspoken rule that the higher the bouffant, the more senior (in years of service) the stewardess. SQ girls who sport these towering bouffants were dubbed "megatop", an insider joke referencing the airline's Boeing 747-400 with it's high-forehead shape that accommodated the plane's upper deck. 

While SIA has since phased out its Megatop fleet and replaced it with the Airbus 380 for the airline's big-aircraft requirements, the SQ Girl "megatop hairstyle" still remains.

For anyone with long hair (past shoulder length), here's a step-by-step guide to creating your very own Megatop 'do:

#1. Take the front fringe section and clip it to one side. Then backcomb and tease the remaining hair before creating a half-up ponytail. Fasten loosely with a hair tie. Holding onto this hair tie, push this top-half section upward and forward to create the bouffant on top of your head.

#2.  Pin firmly in place at the base, where the hair-tie is, once you achieve the height you want. Do note that there is a limit to how high you can push your bouffant. Your hair will inform you of this limit by collapsing and parting like the red sea, if you cross its threshold. A good spritz of hairspray after you fasten your bouffant in place will give this upper-half extra hold.

#3. For the lower half of your hair, you can chose to either twirl it up into a simple chignon or a French twist, depending on your hairstyling dexterity. Make sure your chignon or French twist properly covers and conceals the scaffolding that is the hair-tie and countless pins holding up the bouffant.

#4. Lastly, release the fringe section, smooth it to the side behind the ear and pin discretely in place. Finish by smoothing the top layer of hair gently with a brush (boar bristle is preferred to keep frizz at bay) then douse your coif in hairspray to set the style.

It does take some work, but with practice, anyone can do the SQ girl bouffant. It is a pretty classy 'do — even JLo sometimes rocks this Megatop hairstyle for red carpet events.

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