How SQ Girls Keep Their Faces Hydrated

Because flying the friendly skies shouldn't kill your skin


When it comes to dealing with the drawbacks of air travel, no one is as qualified to give advice as your friendly cabin crew.

Here's how an SQ girl battles skin dehydration from all that moisture-sapping recycled cabin air.

#1. Under all that makeup... moisturise like your life depended on it.
If you're going to put on foundation and makeup for your flight, you can forget your usual lightweight moisturiser. This is the time to break out that multiple step moisturising routine. After cleansing, quench and soften skin with a hydrating lotion. If time permits, soak cotton pads with this lotion and place on drier areas of the face for at least three minutes. Next, apply a moisturising serum followed by an emulsion or light cream. Let each layer dry well in-between and on oily areas like the T-zone, apply the same steps but with a lighter hand. Only when all this is done, can you start on your foundation.

#2. Avoid powder foundations like the plague.
Powder foundations never do well in cabin air. They simply shrivel up into a cakey mask and leave you looking 10 years older. Go for serum or fluid foundations. These are basically lightweight liquid foundations. They go on super smooth with their aqueous textures, spread like a dream, and leave a natural-looking veil that's like a flawless second-skin.

#3. Face mists are your greatest allies.
Unfortunately you cannot simply rely on all the skincare you applied pre-flight to keep your skin supple and moist. The cabin air still saps moisture out of skin slowly but surely. Always carry a spray bottle of face mist (100ml or less to adhere to air safety regulations) in your hand luggage. Spritz often and liberally to keep skin happy and hydrated. If skin starts to look too greasy, blot with a tissue or facial blotter and keep misting.

#4. Post-flight cleanse.
After each flight, an SQ girl's makeup removal process is almost relished. Such is the yearning to get rid of all traces of that thick makeup and polluted recycled air, especially after a long haul. Start with lots of cotton wool and a micellar cleansing water, followed by an oil-based remover (applied with a quick but invigorating facial massage), rinse the oil off, and finally finish off with a satisfyingly foamy cleansing wash. Triple cleansing may sound harsh, but the effects of skin not properly cleansed is even worse. On top of that, a facial scrub or exfoliant is used up to twice a week. Also, it helps if you pick cleansing products from the hydrating skincare ranges to prevent skin from drying out. And of course, after skin is cleansed, replenish it with that multiple step skincare again. 

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