How Much Sunscreen Is Enough?

And do you really need to use it every day?


1. How much sunscreen is enough?

At least a 50-cent-sized dollop for the face, says Dr WS Heng of IDS Clinic. For the body, Dr Adam Geyer, Kiehl’s consulting dermatologist, suggests approximately an ounce of sunscreen, which translates roughly to a shot glass’ worth.

2. How often to wear it?

“It is important to wear sunscreen 365 days per year,” says Dr Geyer. “Damaging UV rays come through car windows and reflect off of surfaces around us, so daily sunscreen is a must. If you’re only putting sunscreen on when you go to the beach, you’re missing the most important health and beauty product in your beauty arsenal – your SPF!”

3. When should I reapply?

“Even sunscreens with a high SPF can only provide protection and slow the rate at which the skin tans and, or burns, but they don’t block 100 per cent of UV rays,” says Dr Geyer. So you’ll still need to reapply yours through the day. Adds Dr Heng, “Apply more frequently, about every 30 minutes, if you engage in intense outdoor activities that remove sunscreen quickly.”

4. How quickly does sunscreen take effect?

“It depends on the active ingredients used,” says Dr Geyer. “Physical blockers are effective immediately when applied, while chemical filters need to be applied at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure to provide the level of protection indicated.”

5. Which to use if I have sensitive skin?

Go for physical sunscreens, which contain mineral blockers like zinc or titanium dioxide. They “sit” on the skin and are unlikely to cause sensitive skin reactions. Great for kids too.

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