Here’s The Unexpected Reason Your Scalp Is Greasy

Plus the solution to reset those sebaceous glands


So you’ve washed your hair thoroughly, but less than 24 hours later, your roots are all limp and oily once more. As you head into the shower again, you wonder if it’s the weather wreaking havoc on your scalp or your shampoo not doing its job...

Before you turn on the water though, hold it right there. The one surprising reason your scalp could be continually greasing up is this: You’re shampooing too much.

“Every time you shampoo, you’re activating your sebaceous glands,” says celebrity hairstylist and creative director of hair care brand Percy & Reed, Adam Reed.

“You’re supposed to give them two to three days to settle down [after each wash] but by shampooing daily, you’re actually over-lubricating your hair.”

His tip to preventing grease? Just don’t shampoo as much. To “reset” those glands, shampoo every three days (instead of daily) for three weeks.

Reed is fully aware, however, that going without shampooing for three weeks can be real challenge with our hot and humid weather. So he’s thought of a solution.

“Dry shampoo is a brilliant idea for days in between shampoos. The Percy & Reed Radiance Revealing Invisible Dry Shampoo is enough to lift excess oil from the hair,” Reed explains.

Can you wait it out long enough to reboot your sebaceous glands for a less oily scalp? One thing’s for sure, according to Reed: If you do, you’ll be able to see the difference.

Photo: Imaxtree

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