Here’s The Best Time To Shave Your Legs

Bet you didn’t know this


“I love shaving my legs!” – said no one, ever. But if you choose to reach for the razor, there is a so-called “best” time to do so.

If you’re used to shaving your legs while taking your morning shower, it’s probably time for you to switch up your routine. According to some experts, the best time to go for a shave is at night, just before bedtime. This is because when we sleep, our legs become warm and swell slightly, so the pesky little hairs we may have missed retreat back into the follicles and become less obvious, which means smoother legs for us!

When you shave during a morning shower, your body temperature is raised and then cooled as you head outside. This causes your skin and pores to tighten, which may result in leg hairs appearing and feeling more prickly.

Long story short? For smoother legs, only shave them at night!

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