Help, There Are Needles In My Face!

This new East-meets-West facial is absolutely on point


Here’s the truth: I have never ever done acupuncture before. So when I show up at the newly opened Asian Wellness Spa at One Farrer Hotel for its Phoenix Facial, I nearly fall off the chair when I’m told that it not only consists of the regular treatments but also an acupuncture session. Yes, on my face. Yikes!

Thankfully a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner quickly comes in for my consultation and puts me at ease. I’m surprised because she’s young and speaks fluent English, which means I don't have to put my rusty Mandarin into practice. Phew. Evidently the spa is truly about combining Western spa experiences together with traditional Chinese practices for a complete rejuvenation.

During the consult, we talk about what’s been ailing me, and not just in regard to my complexion. She asks me questions pertaining to my health, whether I’ve been sleeping well and even if my menstrual cycle is regular. She explains that while the acupuncture will be done primarily on the face during the treatment, she’ll still be looking to see how she can help boost my overall well-being by strategically placing needles along other major meridian points.

According to the consultant, the needles placed in the face will help with instant results like increasing microcirculation for a more radiant and healthier complexion, which in turn can help with boosting collagen production. Meanwhile, the needles in other places, like my knees, will help promote overall circulation to strengthen my spleen, which apparently is in need of some serious help.

The treatment starts with a Decléor facial. A therapist cleanses my face, scrubs away dead skin and massages in oils and lotions, which leaves me extremely relaxed. I almost forget about the next step till the TCM practitioner comes in. But she talks me through the entire process and her soothing voice really helps ease any anxiety I might have. 

After the facial, my complexion is smooth, supple and glowing. And I’m proud to say that I made my way home with not a stitch of makeup on my face.

Now on to that burning question: Does acupuncture on the face hurt? Not at all. In fact, it’s way more enjoyable than getting an extraction done during a regular facial (Note: The Phoenix Facial doesn’t include extractions). And if it can help balance your skin and your overall wellbeing at the same time, there’s everything to gain - for none of the pain. After all, when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside.

The Phoenix Facial, $259++, is available at the Asian Wellness Spa at One Farrer Hotel & Spa. For more information, call 6705 7860 or E-mail

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