You've got to try this cool (and gentle!) new way of colouring hair

Curl up and dye with a salon service that's mercifully mild on your mane.


Consider this a #NotSponsored and no-nonsense editor endorsement: This tress-tinting treatment is going to be a godsend for girls who want to switch things up on the follicular front every other week or so. 

Why? Because Chez Vous Salon's memorably monikered #FakeAsh procedure promises to bestow you with the beautifully burnished bun of your dreams, but with a twist — you get to eschew ruinous rounds of bleach; just one pre-lightening session will suffice. 

Translation: Less mess, less stress, less harm to your hair. 

Now for the whys and wherefores. By artfully applying a gentle Goldwell lightener to your locks followed by a carefully curated symphony of silverising shades, your colourist is able to conjure up a multi-dimensional mirage that appears ash-toned to an admirer's eye — and here's the crucial bit — without having to bleach it to oblivion in the process. 

The proof is in the pouf: My post-procedural hair was both deliciously dusty AND gloriously glossy. At-home maintenance is par for the course, but I'm pleased as punch to report that the hue lasted a hot minute without devolving into the brassy Trumpian tangerine that's the bane of ash appreciators everywhere. (To take the analogy one strand further, let's just say that #FakeAsh isn't um, #FakeNews.)

Give this fast and fuss-free fix a go if you're into cool-toned colours for your coiffure. Your tresses can thank me later. 

The fine print: Set aside approximately three hours for your dye job. Prices start at $299 for above shoulder-length hair.  Good luck with your locks!

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