This Surprisingly Effective Celeb Face Brightening Trick Doesn't Involve Skincare Products

Everyone from Eleanor Lee to Fann Wong's been spotted with this micro-trend.


Here’s a hot hair hack to try, pronto: Colour your hair orange to get a brighter complexion.

No need for alarm – we’re not asking you to go full-on carrot-top à la Trump and risk looking like a walking traffic cone – instead, we suggest taking a aluminium foil leaf out of Korean salon menus everywhere and tinting your tresses with subtle sepia undertones. Like Eleanor Lee or Fann Wong, you want to aim for locks that look like they’ve been dipped and swirled in sweet manuka honey.   

But why? Elementary, my dear: Put it down to colour theory. These rusty russet hues are the equivalent of an Instagram filter: The warmth framing your face “corrects” sallowness and detracts from the dullness of your skin. Plus, the staggering scope of bronzes available means your dye job has the potential to be endlessly flattering across the entire skin spectrum.

Still not convinced? A veritable constellation of K-Drama stars have been seen out and about with orange or some variation thereof on their scalp. A quick Google Images search throws up names like the adorable Kim Taehyung, Jung Joo Yeon and Park Ji-yeon of girl group T-ara – the latter making a particularly persuasive case for colouring your hair an alluring auburn, we think.

Flash these #InstaInspo images to your go-to colourist if you’re planning on shaking things up at the salon this month, and good luck!

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