Mila Kunis Completely Changed Her Look With Bangs At The Billboard Music Awards

She looks amazing.


Mila Kunis just stepped on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet with her own major hair change: blunt bangs. Kunis showed off the black lob with new bangs and dark eyeshadow to match her black and silver outfit.

It's the biggest hair change Kunis has made this year. She was last seen out on 3 May at Zoe Saldana's Hollywood star ceremony, with her regular black lob parted on the side.

Kunis isn't the only star to debut bangs recently. Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid have tried out bang styles this month too. Hadid wore them at a Dior party during the Cannes Film Festival, while Gomez brought her blunt bangs back again last night when she performed with Taylor Swift at Swift's Pasadena Reputation tour concert.

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