"Ghosted" hair is the boo-tiful new colour trend we're dye-ing to try

These spooky strands are not for the faint of heart and the meek of mane.


OK, it's not Halloween just yet, but if you're already rocking a cool crop of blonde, consider leveling up into the supernatural sphere and beyond by sussing out this terrific (and terrifying?) tress trend. 

Ladies and the odd gent or three reading this, may I present to you "ghosted" hair, which is pretty much silvery blonde hair with a hauntingly ingenious twist — gorgeous graphite and smoky slate shades are "spirited away" underneath as lowlights that reveal themselves only when the light hits your hair in motion. This exquisite evanescence lends your locks a blink-and-you'd-miss-it aura of mystery that's very well, ghosty. 

This multi-dimensional mane is perhaps best suited for pre-lightened platinum blonde hair; less bleaching is involved, which in turn spares your strands from potentially ruinous rounds of hydrogen peroxide. 

And then there are the bald facts to mull over once you've "dyed" the deed: Pretty as they may be, these cool-toned colours are painfully perishable and will wash out in weeks. The solution is simple: Splash out on a silver shampoo to stretch out the shade and banish brassy undertones.

If you're not ready to commit just yet, consider touching up your tint with temporary colour-depositing creams in cool combos — think lovely lilacs and muted mauves — as this potpourri of pastel pigments means there will be no discernible demarcation between dyed hair and regrowth. 

Tip: Turn heads at a big bash by dialling up the drama with holographic hues. This hack is the dictionary definition of commitment-free experimentation: When the party’s over, simply step into the shower and splash off, like Cinderella chucking her bejewelled baubles. Good luck getting your ghost on!

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