This $15 Dry Shampoo Gets Purchased Every Second Around The World

It's basically the most popular dry shampoo in existence.


For all of you who have spent an absurd amount of time in the hair aisle, picking up random bottles of dry shampoo, staring at them, and then slowly putting them back down, the world has officially made your choice for you: Batiste Dry Shampoo sells 2.25 cans every second across the world, according to the Daily Mail. In other words, this $15 product really works. (Just look at the 1,200 glowing Amazon reviews for proof.)

It’s not like the formula does anything special, though - it does exactly what it’s supposed to: soaks up your scalp oils. But unlike the majority of dry shampoos on the market, which tend to make your hair feel sticky, wet, gritty, or textured (yet still visibly dirty-looking), the Batiste formula uses rice starch to absorb oil and dirt while thickening your hair fibres. So, what you’re left with, is hair that’s fuller and volumised, with absolutely zero trace of oil slicks or shine.

The only downside is because the formula is powder-based (which is also what makes it work so well), it’ll sometimes give you some visible white spots in your roots after you spray it on. But it’s no big deal—either brush through your hair to distribute the powder, or, if you have curls, just flip your head over and massage your roots until the powder is gone. Or, you could just use one of their tinted formulas, which sprays brown powder for brunettes and tan powder for blondes, though sadly the red range has been discontinued.

Either way, it’s an incredibly good and cheap formula and it's clearly a consumer hit.

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