Who Says You Can’t Go For Facials If You Have Sensitive Skin?

This treatment is designed just for you


If you have sensitive skin, the odds are you’re selective about what goes on your face. Many factors can upset the skin’s delicate pH balance and the last thing we want is to further aggravate irritated and itchy skin. 

To calm and strengthen sensitive skin, try the Declare Stress Balance Facial. This treatment uses products from Swiss skincare brand Declare that are specially formulated for sensitive skin. The products, which contain a patented Sensitivity Reducing Complex, are said to work in a similar way to the skin’s natural repair and restore cycle.

You won’t be getting any extractions with this gentle facial. It starts off with a relaxing neck massage, followed by a double cleanse. Then products, including the signature Anti-irritation Serum, which are said to reduce the signs of skin stress and fatigue, are all painstakingly massaged in by hand. To end off, choose between a Hydro Intensive or Deep Impact Mask. The result: Moisturised and glowing skin that last for up to a week, sans skin irritation.  

The Declare Stress Balance Facial, $120 for 90 minutes, is available at Donna Spa, #B1-17 The Star Vista, 6694-4257.

Photo: Imaxtree

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