Glitter Brows Are Your New Fail-Proof Party Look

#StrongBrowGame has got a whole new meaning


Here’s a trend you’ve probably never seen or tried before — shimmery brows. On the runways, models’ blinged-up eyebrows looked unexpectedly chic. This trend is so new, there isn’t even a product made for it yet — so some improvisation is needed to replicate this brow. 

Try painting shimmery gel eyeliner onto your brows, or simply drawing a shimmery line under the brows for a more subtle effect.

To fill brows with more intense glitter, brush on brow gel. Then, with a small eyeshadow brush, add makeup glitter.

Shine and drama with little to no effort — blinged-up brows is the beauty look everyone will be rocking to parties, music festivals and the upcoming Halloween.

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