Girl To Know: Amber Anderson

The up-and-coming model shares her trick to rocking a bold lip colour


Amber Anderson’s face might appear familiar. After all, she’s starred in a Chanel beauty ad, Kenzo’s fragrance campaign, and walked the runways of fashion shows. More recently, the British model-actress fronts Burberry Beauty.

With numerous beauty campaigns on her resume, the 23-year-old clearly knows a thing or two about beauty. She talks makeup with us in an exclusive interview.

What is your beauty philosophy and approach?

Amber Anderson Skincare is something I spend money on and try to invest in. I have a lot of makeup, too. I love makeup, but I think it should always be about enhancing what you have, not wearing it like a mask.

What's your signature look?

AA I like a cat eye, a flick, and not much else. For day, it’s often just a bit of the Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow B.B. Cream and Bold Lash Mascara. And I think eyebrows are really important, even if you just fill them in a little bit – they really frame a face.

What is one makeup trick you've picked up backstage?

AA I've worked with Burberry Beauty's makeup artist Wendy Rowe and she is so good — she’s one of those makeup artists where you feel like she’s only touched your face for ten seconds and it's done. She makes it look so easy. I’m always grilling her —“What brush is that? How are you doing that?”. I’ve gotten some really good tips from her actually.

When we did the Spring/Summer 16 makeup campaign, which is basically me with not much makeup but really dark ox blood lips, she taught me to smudge the outer corners of the pout with a cotton bud. This makes the look subtler, less like you’re wearing a “lip”, so I've been doing that a lot.

Photos: Burberry

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