Now, A Faster Way To Freeze Your Fat Away

This is literally very cool


First, there was Zeltiq CoolSculpting, a United States FDA-approved non-invasive treatment that uses cryolipolysis to remove your fat cells. Simply put, this freezes cells in stubborn pockets and breaks them down, which results in a reduced fat layer.

Sounds awesome, but there was a catch: You could only do one spot at a time, with each taking a full hour - and who has time to spend that long in a doctor’s office?

Enter Dual CoolSculpting, a new treatment that lets you work on your problem areas faster. It does everything that CoolSculpting does - including slaying those fat cells permanently (though if you don’t watch your diet and lifestyle, more will accumulate) - except that as the name suggests, it’s twice as fast. 

In the name of research, I tried a session at Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic.

After my consultation with Dr Chan, we selected the areas that needed treatment – my underarms - and I got suited up. A cold gel pad was placed on the areas to be treated, which were in turn placed in the applicator. The latter uses a vacuum suction to clasp the flesh tightly so it doesn’t move. Kinda ouch, but once the machine was switched on, my underarms were blasted with freezing cold air and I hardly feel anything after that. 

I was told that I might feel numbness in my arms and fingers during the treatment, but overall, whatever discomfort was bearable. 

After an hour, the applicator was removed and the treated area massaged vigorously by a nurse to help break down the fat cells further. 

This was followed by an intense dull ache, which was probably due to the areas thawing out. There were moments where I found myself trying to breathe through the pain but fortunately, it didn’t last long. 

I walked out with a massive bruise on each underarm - something that according to Dr Chan was normal and should go away in a few days. He also warned me of a delayed onset of pain that comes a few days (usually four to five) after the treatment and sent me home with painkillers, just in case.

Over the next few days, my underarms continued to feel like they were thawing out. At times there was a slight numbing and tingling sensation and the treated area was tender to the touch and a little sore.

The pain did come but was bearable - though I’m told that certain areas, like the stomach and waist, are more sensitive than others. 

And the results? It’s early days yet for me, since the full effects usually take about three weeks to a month to appear. But my upper arms feel a little tighter, so I’m hopeful. 

If it works, I’m going back for another new treatment: One that’s done with a mini CoolSculpting applicator that Dr Chan has already put in an order for. He says that with this, doctors will be able to treat smaller and more targeted areas like that dreaded double chin. Now that would be something I’d definitely want to try - wouldn’t you?

For more information on Dual CoolSculpting, call Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic at 6732-4981.

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