For The First Time, The Face Of Beauty Is Transgender

Caitlyn Jenner is making history by fronting MAC


It’s so easy for a company to boast a credo; much harder to actually live it, especially if it’s something as ambitious as MAC Cosmetics’ “all ages, all races, all sexes”.

But the beauty brand’s latest step shows that it really does walk the talk. On Friday, it unveiled Caitlyn Jenner as its new face, together with a limited edition lipstick created by Jenner, for which 100 per cent of sales will go towards funding the MAC Aids Fund Transgender Initiative.

The move makes Jenner the world’s first transgender star to front a major beauty brand, and brings transgender issues to broader global attention. 

In an interview with MAC, the celeb said, “It’s shocking to see how tough it really is out there for most of the [transgender] community. I realise that I’m in a position where I can help people who are really struggling by creating a platform and bringing exposure to the issue. 

“You know what the best thing is – when you say, ‘we each are who we are’. For people to realise that to be able to live your life authentically is the most wonderful gift you can give yourself.”


By the way, the lipstick colour is gorgeous - a rosy hue that will go with almost everything and is perfect for a kissable, everyday look. And it has a name that totally befits what it represents: Finally Free.

Want to support Jenner’s cause (or just land yourself a really, really pretty lipstick)? Shop the shade on 7 April exclusively on

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