Eva Herzigova Has Just One Secret To Manage Tired Skin

That and more in this ELLE Exclusive interview


Would you believe Eva Herzigova, the gorgeous face of Dior’s Capture Totale line, is 43? The actress, model and mother of three boys sure doesn’t look her age - which makes her the perfect person to get beauty secrets from!

In this ELLE Exclusive interview, Herzigova shares everything from her beauty routine for a night out to skincare must-haves while travelling, plus what it’s like to be a top model and a Dior woman. Read on to find out everything.

Define the Dior woman.

The Dior woman to me is multidimensional. That can seem a bit “cliché” but the House does celebrate plural femininity. Who can say if the Dior woman is blond, brunette, glamorous or vamp?  The one thing that matters is that she shines.

Has being a model, with so much focus on your looks, impacted your idea of beauty? 

Being a model brings you confidence. We work with our body and face. But that doesn’t mean that I never question myself or have fears. Yes, I know who I am, but I remain a human being, so I am still vulnerable. I hope women around the world notice that when they see me. I’m far from being a robot, ready to fire at any time and numb from the outside world! Beauty is still a very simple and humble idea for me.

Your personal outlook on beauty and ageing?

Every age has something special to offer. Probably the best reward is seeing that some of the judgments I made or the choices I stood for were the right ones.

Any beauty secret to manage your exhausted skin after a long day?

Use an eye mask! 

Whats your beauty routine for day and for a night out or a VIP event?

My Dior routine products are the Capture Totale Foundation Fluid Serum and Cream. Sometimes Dior Addict Lipstick on the lips. For a big night out: Diorshow Art Pen, Rouge Dior 999. 

What are your skincare must-haves when you travel?

When I travel and have to take a plane, I really like using Capture Totale Serum. It gives a fresh and comforting feeling on my skin. We’ve all experienced travelling and feeling like your face is so tired; that’s when you need some tightening up! I also use Dreamskin in my beauty routine when I travel - that smooth touch feels very nice before applying makeup.

Top 5 beauty products?

Rouge Dior, the full Capture Totale range (Eye Serum, Lotion, Multi-Perfection Crème...), and Dior Addict Lipstick.

What’s your take on social media? Who do you follow on Instagram?

I love it in small doses. It eats up my time but I love images...I always have. And there are some lovely accounts like @_nitch, @kaymontano, @natgeo, @bluemoon_collective, @francasozzani1.

We know Dior skincare keeps you looking young, but what keeps you feeling young?

Trying new things and learning.

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