Even The Pros Swear By This Beauty Gadget

Achieving a flawless complexion just got a lot easier


Beauty junkies who can’t live without their Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator will be glad to know there’s a more luxurious Pro Edition out now.


So what makes this better? It’s slightly heavier, which improves the consistency of the tapping motions of the device, and it feels more comfortable in the hands. Plus who can say no to the gorgeous dark packaging?

Other than that, it’s essentially the same Color Me that we - and many makeup pros! - love. 

Developed by makeup maestro Eric Jimenez, who used to head the Benefit Cosmetics and Urban Decay makeup teams, this gadget mimics the rapid finger-tapping method of makeup artists to create an even and flawless finish. (Actually, at 15,000 taps per minute, it’s way quicker than any human expert.)

It also delivers eight full hours of usage, and can be used for both liquid and powder foundations, or BB and CC creams, and even mineral powders. 

Each device comes with two universal disposable sponges that can last up to four weeks if gently cleaned with alcohol wipes after every use. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, though, remember to replace with a new sponge after a week or two. 

USD$73. The Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator Pro Edition is available exclusively on Net-A-Porter.

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