How To Colour Your Hair The Healthy Way

Every shade of the rainbow included


Been wanting to get that extreme hair dye job but afraid you’ll end up looking more broom than blonde? Surprise - you can actually get it done whilst keeping your mane healthy and smooth. And it’s all thanks to Aveda.

Nature’s goodness

While hair colour that’s healthy for you sounds too good to be true, it’s possible with Aveda’s formulas. These are almost wholly derived from nature, and are made with no nitro dyes, parabens or animal-derived ingredients. Instead, the holistic botanical brand uses a patented green tea extract to produce 23 different colours that can be combined to create more than 64 shades.

Add this to other natural ingredients including protective oils like castor, certified organic sunflower and jojoba, and you get results that are beautifully coloured, shiny and healthy. 

Fun fact: Aveda’s hair colour line, introduced in 1998, was the industry’s first professional line made with naturally derived ingredients!

From runway to real-way

But which hues to go for? According to Jo McKay, Aveda’s European technical hair specialist, colour palettes are all about high-end beauty this Fall-Winter 2015. “The colours that will be on trend for the season include gold leaf, dusted bronze and honey amber, all of which will encompass reflective tones. A deep plum violet will be popular for dark hair as well as other colours with a deep pigment, including vintage burgundy, mahogany and red wine hues.”

Insta inspiration

Ready to raise your #hairgame for the year-end festivities but not sure what will work? Check out #Avedacolor on Instagram and Facebook to see what looks other Aveda fans from around the world are rocking. Or get a virtual makeover using the My Aveda Makeover app. Who knows? You might be inspired to try something you’ve never done before. 

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